King Cobra


Series: Hot Rods, Book 1

Release Date: April 27, 2017

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Hot Rods, Book 1

Eli’s world changed forever the moment he walked in on his cousin Joe in bed with his wife and another couple. That bastard had been holding out on him, embracing a lifestyle Eli hadn’t known was possible—one where friends are lovers, and the connections between spouses are strengthened by shared passions.

Immediately, he imagined the potential for himself and his six partners. They conquered their troubled pasts by relying on the intense bonds between them. But taking their relationships to the next level would risk everything they worked so hard to build—both in their personal lives and at the Hot Rods garage they own together.

When Eli takes too long to figure out how to handle the situation, his head mechanic blows a gasket. Alanso peels out of the Hot Rods garage on his motorcycle, heading for a hook up spot to take his bisexuality for a test drive with multiple strangers. Eli is left with only two options: let Alanso go or chase him down to fight for the future they both desperately desire.

* * *

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