Series: Powertools: The Shields, Book 4

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Powertools: The Shields, Book 4

Geeky tech girls aren’t supposed to have this much fun with their super spy co-workers.

Ruby typically supports a team of do-gooder assassins from the safety of her supercomputer in their command center. She’s dragged into danger when hackers attack her, empty millions from her crypto wallet, and threaten the global economy by tampering with blockchain technology.

Worse, her attraction to two of the agents she works with—Ace and Liam—is a distraction none of them can afford, especially when she winds up sharing a bed with them for her own safety.

They’ve got issues of their own. Ace barely returned to active duty after a grievous injury that wrecked his arm and nearly ended his career. His wounds fractured more than bones, shaking Liam’s confidence and willingness to deepen their partnership both on and off duty because they risk their lives daily to protect others. And that’s before they admit that they’re falling for the same nerdy-yet-adorable woman, who should also be strictly off-limits.

Can Ruby fix what’s broken between the three of them before the hackers end her career and her life?

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jayne Rylon comes a steamy new multi-partner standalone series set in the Powertools universe.

The Shields security team accepts missions in the grey area of both law and morality that no one else wants or can handle. They’re a ragtag bunch of special ops soldiers, ex-government agents, and hackers wrangled by a former construction worker who aspired to be a superhero’s sidekick when he grew up. What could go wrong?

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